The dilemma of the ‘sound bite’ Shepherd


My dilemma is that I am a Catholic, hungry for authentic Catholicism. My dilemma, moreover, is that I also live in a world which thrives on ‘sound bites,’ which, as slivers of truth, can never satiate the fullness of Truth in which the human person was Created for.

To complicate matters, we have a Pope so full of charity and humility, yet so full of uncontrolled ‘gabbiness,’ which is utilized by ideologues unfriendly with the Catholic message.

To add to the complication, Pope Francis comes from South America, a continent both unfriendly to capitalism, and all too chummy with Marxist ideology and ‘liberation theology.’ This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Pope is a socialist, it just means that his form of expression lends itself to the rampant propaganda abuses of the far left in America. To further complicate things, Pope Francis’ encyclical, entitled ‘Laudato Si,’ formally supported the questionable science of ‘global warming.’ If you’ve read the encyclical, you will find that 95% of it is sound Catholic theology. But listening to progressives you’d think that the Pope spoke only about ‘global warming’ and the sins of the First World nations…particularly the United States.

Very soon the Pope will be visiting the United States of America. In the same fashion that his encyclical unfolded, his message to America will most likely follow. Not on the isolated topic of care for the environment, but in the fact that 95% of his message will probably be authentic Catholic theology, and sound gospel teaching. Yet, similar to the treatment that his encyclical received by the mainstream media in America, the same should be expected of his visit to the States. In other words, there will be many ‘sound bites’ which will serve to bolster the secularist-socialist, far left cause.

Now I am sure this has happened with every Pope who ever visited the United States. But not every Pope visited during the electronic information generation, during the Presidential reign of a far left radical socialist.

What we need from the Pope, which might be too much to ask, is a few ‘sound bites’ which will shame America for her abortive genocide, her federal funding of Planned Parenthood, her judicial legislation of gay ‘marriage,’ and her governments blatant attacks on 1st Amendment rights, particularly religious freedom.

But what I’ve seen of the Pope so far is that he might just be too gentle for that. Therefore, American Catholics need to do two things. First, those of us in the media need to clarify his statements against ‘sound bite’ propaganda. We also need to share his positive Catholic thoughts on Life, Marriage, and religious freedom.

And secondly, we need to pray that he’ll give us plenty of material to utilize!

God bless!



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