Catholicism is always Judaeo-Christian, but never Christian-socialist


Relationships often define a people.

Catholicism, therefore, is a relationship of the ‘People of God’ with God, in, with, and through, Jesus Christ.  And, quite contrary to many streams of unfortunate thought in previous centuries, Catholicism can never be anti-Semitic.

Catholicism has for its Savior the Jewish-Nazarene, Jesus the Christ. The twelve apostles (fourteen, if you add Matthias and Paul) are all Jewish. Mary, the Mother of God (Theotokos) is Jewish. More than half of Catholic Scripture is the Old Testament, or Hebrew Scripture. Much of Catholic liturgy has foundational Jewish practices fulfilled in meaning by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Catholicism, in effect, is the New Israel, the little brother of Israel, and the fulfillment of Israel in our elder brother Jesus Christ.

In effect, in an ontological sense, every Catholic is part Jewish. We are, moreover, a sort of lovable mutt adopted by God. We are the direct descendants, spiritually, of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the children of the Spirit of the Prophets. This means, tangibly, existentially, practically, or any other way of thinking in a realistic way, that Catholics must, by their very nature, be friends and family to the Jew, both domestic and  abroad, especially the Israeli.

But some relationships were never meant to be. For evil detests the good, and chooses freely to dissolve it in the emptiness of hatred, greed, exploitation, and murder. Think supremely of the Holocaust.

One such relationship never meant to be is the relationship between authentic Catholicism and full blown socialism (and, of course, its big brother, Communism). Catholicism is about life. Socialism is about utilitarianism, which births eugenic practices such as abortion. Catholicism is about liberty. Socialism tends toward total power and understands 1st Amendment rights as threats to authority. Catholicism is all about the pursuit of true happiness in the objective truth of humanity found in revelation, natural law, sound philosophy, and science void of scientism. Socialism is all about recreating truth to fit its current agenda, even if this re-creation causes loss and suffering to many.

This reflection, on two  relational possibilities for Catholicism, has current impacts. American Catholicism, by the grace of its supernatural ontology–bestowed through baptism in Christ–must defend the State of Israel against the monstrosity of the Iranian threat, and the larger threat of the Fundamentalist Islamic attack. Therefore, we must protect our own family, even if they differ with us on the basic belief about the Messianic relevance of Jesus. Regardless of their lack of acquiescence to God in Jesus, they are still our brothers and sisters in the Father, relatives in salvation history.

Socialism, on the other hand, blatant in the Obama dilemma, and creeping in the mindset of millions of illegal immigrants from South American ‘liberation theology,’ must be rejected, and eradicated at all costs. For it is nothing but a cancer on freedom, antithetical to true Catholicism.

Consequently, relationships with the Jewish people must be nourished constantly. Yet, in ‘loving the sinner, and hating the sin,’ we must strongly prohibit any socialism from entering into our Church, creeping or blatant. And this must also necessarily involve our right to vote for the candidates who best represent Catholic freedom. For, in drawing close to the Jew, while moving away from the socialist, the more Catholic we will become.

God bless!



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