Cecil the Lion and the disgusting duplicity of progressive compassion


I find it extremely appalling that millions of Americans have no interest at all in the documented destruction of unborn babies by the hands of Planned Parenthood. I find it equally appalling that the Obama administration, (the same people who took five days to lower the flag in honor of four dead Marines and one dead Navy-man, those who died at the hands of an Islamic terrorist), who are now (immediately) outraged at an American dentists killing of a Lion in Africa. Angry enough that the administration suggests to the DOJ that they extradite this American citizen to the African nation where the infraction was committed. (This is the same DOJ who won’t go near the IRS, Hillary, or undocumented Mexican killers).

So the President isn’t interested in the death of Kate Steinle? And the President supports Planned Parenthood? And what about his slow-walked respect for four dead Marines, and one dead Navy man?

But kill  a Lion and you’ll see his outrage!

Middle eastern Christians die by the thousands from Isis brutality,  and this administration is silent. Planned Parenthood sells butchered babies body parts, and the main stream media covers anything, and everything else, to run away from this story. ‘Black lives matter,’ but ‘all lives’ don’t? And Hollywood bursts into a furor (furher?) over some Lion’s (named Cecil) demise?

‘Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,’ has been aborted! ‘Life’ has been eradicated!, unlinked from liberty and happiness. In a previous blog I mentioned that the American prejudicial hierarchy has been turned upside down. Just as the classic rock song sings ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss,’ so goes ‘meet the new prejudice, same as the old prejudice.’ For the new racist hierarchy has blacks, Hispanics, females, and homosexuals in the power position. White men, unborn children, the military, and practicing Christians, are at the bottom.

But the most shocking revelation is that animals are above the new lower class as well!

But who is to speak out for us if we don’t do it ourselves? Progressives own the media and the pop culture. Progressives own the political and judicial process. And progressives have infiltrated the Church. Our President is a progressive. Our Pope is a progressive sound byte machine! Our Congress is inept. There is no superman. Pretty soon they’ll be coming for our guns. They’ve already stepped on our matrimony, and splintered our families, and are working vehemently on taking away our 1st Amendment rights of freedom of speech, press, and religion.

The bible tells us to love our enemies. But nowhere does it tell us to commit suicide. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ doesn’t necessary mean ‘thou shalt not defend.’ Please consider the ‘Just War Theory.’ And consider a Christian justification for the American Revolution. And consider when a Lion is more important to a society than the life of a child.  And  consider when ‘all lives’ really don’t matter.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to consider a ‘Just War,’ and a new American Revolution. Hopefully not bloody, just sacrificial–yet both corporal and spiritual. But, in the end, Life is the most important freedom. Protecting it has to be God’s Will. For God is Love and Love births life, and Love must protect life. What more is there to say?

God bless!



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