The joy of obstinate Catholicism


There is a certain joy in frustrating all attempts made by progressive minded pagans at converting a Catholic to the religion of progressive-secularist-insanity.  There is a certain peace of mind, moreover, in knowing that, even though we, as Catholics, are not perfect and, certainly, we are sinners, at least we do not suffer from verbal diarrhea and intellectual constipation. Furthermore, there is a joy in knowing that God is our Father, and that their father is the ‘father of lies.’

Though we may be placed in the social ghetto, ostracized through political correctness for the crime of true faith, our future home is in heaven. Our persecutors, on the other hand, though fat and happy in this world, have a hell of a destination to come.

Though we carry banners protesting Planned Parenthood to little public attention, our consciences do not cry ‘baby killer.’ Though we protest gay marriage, not for hate of homosexuals, but of love of the truth of the sacrament of matrimony, we are called homophobes and bigots, yet refrain from entering the shame of Sodom. And though we suffer from doubts just like every human being, we refrain from the sin of idolatry in self-deification in the grace of Jesus Christ.

Armed with reason and faith, we enter the public square to encounter legions of progressives loaded with nothing but slogans, catch-phrases, and emotional rants. For debate has gone the way of the dinosaur. Progressives loathe objective truth and would rather manipulate, seduce, and attack through ideology, political correctness, stereotypes bent to their advantage, and catchy phrases which hide the morbid reality behind them. Catholicism is all about a good argument meant to end in friendship in the finding of mutually held truth. Progressivism, however, is all about domination, and would rather crush certain truths not suited to their agenda.

Catholicism, moreover, covers every topic known to mankind. From care of God’s Creation to the care of the unborn, Catholicism is truly the Universal faith, able to engage in any topic, participate in any dialogue, through the Incarnate Truth of Jesus Christ. Progressives know this, and that is why we threaten them. Instead of engaging in public dialogue with the Catholic, most probably losing, not just narrowly, but getting their flabby but kicked, they would rather just destroy the Catholic image through pop culture, mainstream media attacks, and political initiatives. Not that some Catholics haven’t shot themselves in the foot, but truth be told, Catholicism is a major target of progressivism.

Therefore, the best way to remain truly Catholic, and enjoy the obstinacy of Catholicism, is to enter into every debate possible, annoying the heck out of the devil’s minions, the progressive. Never has annoyance been so holy.

God bless!



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