The Judas factor in the probable American Crucifixion


As Americans we are imbued with the conquering spirit. As Catholic-Christians we are baptized with the Holy Spirit of the Victorious Christ. Yet history, and Christian martyrdom, proves that truth and goodness do not always win, at least in this world. And blood, from Abel–through Christ–to centuries of martyrs, proves this. The spoils of victory do not always go to the virtuous.

Our true hope, and spiritual consolation, lies solely in the Cross.

Analogously, America is on the precipice of repeating history in the Roman persecution of Christians, in the English outlawing of Catholicism, and in the German SS takeover of the German people. (Other analogies exist to support this–the list of these examples are not exhaustive).

Good men and women, today, are fighting the good fight against the brutality of Planned Parenthood, and the accompanying propaganda of the mainstream media, which supports this behemoth. To make matters worse, ‘the powers that be’ are in full support of ‘the culture of death.’

Men and women, Catholic, and non-Catholic Christian, are praying this very moment, with many of them attending Catholic Mass or Christian church service, beseeching God for His Mercy to be poured upon this once great nation. Rosaries are being prayed, ‘Our Father’s’ lifted up, in intercession for the many sins being perpetrated by this nation against the Body of Christ, manifest in innocence and truth.

Catholic bishops, priests, and Christian pastors, are marrying men and women in accordance with God’s expressed Will in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Yet the forces of evil, this very minute, are forming in power to attack the Church and her children through punishments levied for denying ‘gay’ access to the holy Sacrament of Matrimony.

Courage and strength and talent and intelligence, though graced by God, will eventually falter in the face of massive persecution. It did in Rome, in England, and in Germany. By divine design, Jesus suffered in Gethsemane, and writhed on the Cross in His Sorrowful Passion for our salvation.

Similarly, American Christianity will be overwhelmed by a small group of progressive ideologues, and a legion of blinded followers. Catholics, and all Christians, will be nailed to the societal cross through the power of political correctness–and the stampede of the herd, in their blind fall off of the precipice of objective truth, will run them over. Radical forms of every special interest group will open the ‘Pandora’s Box’ of America’s current idolization of scientific utopianism, secularized-relativism, agnosticism, and hedonistic indifference, and swarm over the Body of Christ, desiring to stamp out the ‘light of nations.’

Simultaneously, as it always was, it always will be until the end of time. The Judas factor will enter into the equation. Cafeteria Christians will betray true believers to save their own hide. Christ, and Eucharist, and forgiveness, and Truth, will be jettisoned for acceptance, and comfort, and social rank. Diva’s will dance on the altar in another abomination of desecration. Rappers will drop ‘f’ bombs in mockery of the Christ. Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, will inaugurate a newer, kinder, more inclusive ‘Christianity’ to the world. Apostates will be renowned as ‘evolved.’ Heresy will be the new ‘revelation’ which has come down from the elite.

True religion, however, will still exist. Yet it will be practiced in new American catacombs, hidden in crawl spaces of the faithful remnants homes. And the ‘blood of martyrs’ will continue to be ‘seed.’

And, eventually, there will be a spiritual resurrection. But nothing on this earth lasts forever but charity.

God bless!

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