How Obama dropped a dime on America


Unborn babies body parts, torn asunder, perfectly symbolize the carnage left behind from the crime scene better know as the Obama Presidency. Hatred doesn’t sufficiently describe my feelings for this smug monster. An assassin might become a saint in this situation.

Now that I’ve blown off some steam, it’s time to be perfectly frank.

Barack Obama is a racist. His sole motivation for becoming President was to fundamentally transform America. And he has succeeded. We are now a deeply divided nation, divided by race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. ‘White privilege’ has become a paper tiger with politically correct teeth. Illegal immigration is the political bludgeoning tool which will mash America into a formless mound of progressivism. Just imagine millions of newly ‘entitled’ democratic voters.

Barack Obama is the conductor of the mainstream media symphony which plays only one tune: ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.’ Planned Parenthood chops babies to bits and sells them for profit, and the media remains relatively silent. Then, in a stroke of progressive genius, the Obama administration, in chorus with Planned Parenthood, blames Pro-lifers for orchestrating a ruse on the American people. And the media follows like sheep. Truth is a rare commodity in this nation since it is almost never found in the ‘news.’

Barack Obama is mystery stew. Is he a communist? A socialist? A radical Moslem? An atheist-secularist-materialist? A militant black man? Or, all of the above? You don’t need a birth certificate to know that this man hates America. He feels much more comfortable with ‘gay’ colors shining on the white house than with the good old red, white, and blue. He feels much more sympathy for a Baltimore thug, and a fluky Sandra Fluke than he does for 5 dead servicemen. Part of it is ideology. Part of it is skin color.

Barack Obama wants an American Armageddon. Everything is mounting up to a big explosion. Illegal immigration pours forth innumerable criminals into our country. Racial division bubbles over. Isis lives within our borders. The military is shrinking. Iran has been fortified. Cops are demoralized. Now all he needs is a few more white on black gun tragedies and he can disarm Americans. Surely he will fail at disarming Americans. But don’t be fooled into thinking that he won’t give it another good try.

Barack Obama may not be the anti-Christ, but he is an anti-Christ. Abortion and gay marriage are just the tip of the iceberg. Religious freedom is an unguaranteed reality in the midst of a popular societal progressive revolution. Gay marriage demands gay acceptance. True Catholicism will be challenged. The culture of death will not accept its defeat without one last great spiritual battle. True Catholicism will once again be challenged. With the Supreme Court in his pocket, the mainstream media on his strings, and a dumbed down, electronically distracted society, asleep at the wheel, Obama will challenge the Body of Christ to many more duels.

Yet, all too many Americans are afraid of calling out Barack Obama. Just the other day at his speech in front of the VFW, an older white veteran exercised his 1st Amendment rights and raised a banner in defiance of Barack Obama only to be choked from behind by two fellow veterans, one black, and one Hispanic. A whole bunch of veterans stood by silently. Maybe they were too afraid to protect ‘white privilege?’

God bless!

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