Revealing hidden prisons in the progressive American psyche

Administrative segregation prisoners take part in a group therapy session at San Quentin state prison in San Quentin, California, June 8, 2012. San Quentin prison is California's oldest correctional facility and houses the state's only gas chamber. Picture taken June 8, 2012. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES - Tags: CRIME LAW SOCIETY) ATTENTION EDITORS: PICTURE 19 OF 28 FOR PACKAGE "DOING TIME IN SAN QUENTIN" SEARCH "TIME SAN QUENTIN" FOR ALL IMAGES

‘Freedom’ is the cry of the liberal.

‘Oppressive’ is the label given to authentically practiced monotheistic religion, patriotism, ‘natural law’, or anything claiming a hold on objective truth other than science, practiced as scientism, or progressivism, practiced as relativistic-secularism.

Subsequently, America has been liberated from traditional marriage, from protection of the unborn, from responsible nurturing of the elderly and the infirmed, and from any ground in a morality and ethics based on objective truth.

The result is a myriad of psycho-spiritual prisons.

The first, and foremost, prison is the prison of political correctness. This prison has the steel bars of relativism, which enforce the lack of validity in Christianity, American ‘exceptionalism,’ and the wisdom of previous generations, forfeiting this wisdom for the persuasiveness of the pop culture, the mainstream media, the intellectually elite (professors and Presidents), and the (mis) information, overloaded, from modern technology.

The second prison is the prison of addictions. Whether from chemicals (in social tolerance and legality), from sex, from gambling, from consumerism, or from electronics, this prison, built on the corpses of the socio-political-murder of Judeo-Christianity, American patriotism, and traditional family values, has left a void in the American soul, quickly filled by ‘principalities and powers’ antagonistic to higher values, weighing the American soul down in the dungeon of false-ideologies, hedonism, consumerism, and hate of the ‘oppressive’ Truth.

The next prison is the prison of idolatry. Americans are enslaved to the hero, and heroin, who protects their ‘freedom’ from the oppression of the menace of patriots, conservatives, and disciples of Christ. The new hero, or heroin, saves a tree while killing a burdensome embryo. The new hero, or heroin, blesses a same-sex marriage, while oppressing the freedom of a Christian, ‘baker, butcher, or candle stick maker.’ Pop stars, moreover, who grind their organs for public view, are preferred over Christians who play the organ in church. Likeable liars, provided they are of a ‘protected class,’ are preferred over prophets who belong to the ‘old guard.’ This prison is built on hate as much as it is built on ignorance.

There are a ‘legion’ of other prisons.

But there is only one key which truly liberates.

Obviously this key is Jesus Christ. But, as history has already illustrated, turning this key can be a tricky business which may necessitate a Crucifixion or two on our part. For there is a two part truth in good ‘key-manship.’ The key must be turned in faithful discipleship, good citizenship, patriotism, Pro-Life, Pro-Traditional Marriage, and Pro-Family values, practiced privately, and publicly, especially when it is rudely rejected. But it must always be practiced in love.

The second part may hurt, but it is the part which works the Paschal paradox in Jesus. We may be crucified for it! But only in death may we rise. So does it go for America. But, truth be told, they may hate you now, but when the seed of the Spirit of Truth resonates a little in their hearts and minds, they may venerate you as a saint later.

God bless!


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