What if I were a Catholic-terrorist?


What if, in the name of Jesus Christ, I killed four Marines, and one Navy person?

Would it be alright then for the President of the United States of America to put my religion in front of the word ‘terrorist?’ Would ‘Christian-terrorist’ be politically correct?

Would it be socially acceptable to profile all priests, all nuns, all bishops, all pastors, and all Catholics who pray the rosary? Would it be alright to ‘bug’ all Churches, Cathedrals,  and all confessionals?

Would CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, and all of the progressive propaganda outfits, feel more comfortable in covering the terror threat? Would it be easier for them to point a finger at evil?

Would Hollywood, and this is such an obvious yes that I feel stupid asking it, feel more empowered to negatively stereotype the Catholic Church?

Would Obama, all of a sudden, feel tempted to appease me? Would he kiss my feet and give me a lucrative nuclear deal? Would Nancy Pelosi pronounce my religion ‘clean,’ and point at only a few bad apples?

Would I be able to move to Dearborn, Michigan, and institute papal law right next to illegal Sharia Law in the Moslem neighborhood?

Could nuns, and priests, wear religious attire that hides their head and bodies, and not be accosted by the TSA?

Would the U.S. government allow me to start a rogue Catholic men’s group in the desert, where we would light people of other faiths on fire, behead babies, and rape women? Maybe I could name it Cath-isis?

Maybe I’m being silly. Maybe I’m just fed up with the politically correct suicide America is practicing in the face of ISLAMIC terror.

God bless!



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