The Pharaoh’s heart has become hardened


God sent Moses, with Aaron, to speak to Pharaoh about God’s Sovereign Will. But Pharaoh would not listen because God allowed his heart to be hardened. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened because he did not care for God’s people, and believed himself to be god instead. Ancient Egyptian culture, moreover, divinized the Pharaoh, which included a social attitude, and a lifestyle, which expressed itself as the oppressor of the People of God.

The same thing has happened in America with the divinization of Barack Obama and the hardened hearts of progressives, lukewarm moderates, and the massive herd of the uninformed. The People of God, moreover, are still oppressed.

Moses, and Aaron, in the form of Judeo-Christian Tradition, and ethics, along with Constitutional Patriotism, and good old fashioned common sense and courtesy, have repeatedly spoken to Pharaoh.

But Pharaoh’s heart is hardened.

God’s people have clamored for the freedom to obtain health care. But the Pharaoh has saddled them with socialized medicine. All the people wanted was the opportunity to choose freely. Pharaoh burdened them with force.

If memory serves us correctly, the first thing Pharaoh did in 2008 was to give executive affirmation to federally-funded abortion worldwide. This was never the desire of the true children of God.

Pharaoh has been a huge proponent of illegal entry into his own country. At the expense of the safety, and the lives, of his citizens, Pharaoh bends backward for illegal immigrants, even those who kill while having multiple felonies. But what the children of God want is a little more border security and a little more governmental accountability when it comes to who enters into our country. But Pharaoh prefers the illegals.

Pharaoh is not color blind! While the children of God are susceptible to prejudice, they are ruled by a faith which sees all men and women as beloved, and  dignified, creatures of God. Pharaoh, however, sees things in a black and brown perspective. Pharaoh mourns the death of black and brown citizens, decrying ‘white privilege’ and denouncing ‘rampant white racism.’ But when the coin is flipped and black and brown people kill a white person, silence is his normal reaction. Pharaoh, moreover, partners with race baiters such as Al Sharpton to create a national atmosphere of division, all for the political gain of his hardened heart.

When, for centuries, the children of God, from all three monotheistic faiths, celebrate, and reverence, the truth of the sacramental quality of marriage, solely between a man and a woman, Pharaoh trudges in with his chariots and wipes out perennial religious tradition through clod-hopper acts of his Judiciary. Hardened to the Will of God, as Groom to His Bride the Church, Pharaoh expresses his joy in the idolatrous parody of Creation and salvation in gay ‘marriage.’

The Declaration of Independence speaks of ‘…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…’ Pharaoh has decided that life, and its definition, is to be micromanaged–and destroyed–by his progressive minions. Planned Parenthood is the Pharaoh’s great factory of ‘forward’ movement. In one facility, women express ‘reproductive rights.’ In this same facility, billions of dollars are made, for Pharaoh’s minions, in the sick sale of human body parts.

Pharaoh detests his own military. For Pharaoh was raised by his dad who taught him that Americans are imperialists and need to be stopped. Pharaoh, therefore,  shrinks the military.  Pharaoh, moreover, does not allow the military to carry weapons on their camps, forcing them to be sitting ducks for the ‘Radical Moslems’ Pharaoh appeases. Similarly , Pharaoh detests police officers.  American police forces have been neutered by Pharaoh, and his race baiting minions, through the lessening of arms, enforced politically correct re-education, and a working atmosphere where the officer has to fight the perception of being a racist.

And let’s not forget Pharaoh’s war on 2nd Amendment rights. Why should simple citizens be able to protect themselves when they can trust in Pharaoh’s hardened heart?

Pharaoh, understanding himself to be god, has systematically attacked religious freedom in America. Through HHS mandates, the removal of religious monuments in governmental and judicial spaces, and his constant war on Judeo-Christian traditions, through his media and pop culture, with the hovering threat of the loss of ‘tax exempt status,’ Pharaoh has made Judeo-Christian discipleship an increasing burden.

Pharaoh has torn ‘American exceptionalism’ to shreds. With an apology tour of the world,  which featured his syllabus of American atrocities, and his wimpy foreign policy, which has empowered our enemies while stomping on our allies toes, and his celebratory lighting up of the White House in ‘gay’ colors, Pharaoh has made a mockery of our national self-esteem.

Pharaoh has proven, time and again, that his heart is hardened to the American way. Pharaoh has proven that he is not Pharaoh for all Americans.

When will the enslaved, mud packing, pyramid building, people of God start to listen to Moses and Aaron? When will we have the courage to make an Exodus from this nightmare? When will we elect a man, or a woman, after God’s own heart? When will we protect ‘life,’ respect religious ‘liberty,’ and seek to pursue ‘happiness’ in the goodness, truth, and beauty, which made our nation great in the first place? When will we Passover Pharaoh worship and return to the true religion of God?

God bless!



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