Nazi’s, monsters, and freaks


Fear of social rejection leads many a Christian underground. ‘Underground’ faith is the ‘faith’ of a ‘cafeteria’ Christian. Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, gay ‘marriage,’ federal funding of abortion worldwide, federal funding of Iranian terrorism, racial animosity, disintegrating social patriotism and morality, and a shrinking economy, reflect the decrepit cafeteria-ism of Judeo-Christianity in America today.

Because of the lukewarm Judeo-Christian faith in our nation, Nazi’s, monsters, and freaks prevail.

Nazi’s, in a figurative, yet, real sense, dominate our nation in the spirit of the anti-Christ–literally, or figuratively, I don’t know. Patriotism is at an all time low, with racial, socioeconomic, gender, and ideological divisions running rampant. As our economy, and military strength, is shrinking, socialized medicine, illegal immigration, gay ‘marriage,’ adoration for transgenderism, disdain for the legacy of our southern states, religious persecution, and attacks on Constitutional rights is growing. Totalitarianism, in the form of political correctness guided by atheistic-secularism–with a strong dose of socialism–is dominating our nation in the rapidity of a Nazi blitzkrieg.

Monsters leap across our national landscape with legislative, judicial, and executive impunity. Monsters that contribute to the growing heap of bodies, bodies in the form of unborn Americans. These monsters are always hungry for blood, preferring to tear apart the unborn victims of their monstrous acts solely for profit. These monsters also tell lies to our children, selling abortifacients to teenage girls, spreading the false gospel of contraception and condom ‘safety.’ These monsters also dabble in the death of our elderly, and our handicapped. Never satiated, these monsters work within the U.N. for worldwide population control, worldwide abortion, worldwide contraception, and worldwide condom proliferation. Never offering the cure, these monsters only profit on applying Band-Aids that never solve the real problem.

Because of Nazi’s and monsters, America is infested with freaks. Inner city black on black violence increases daily without a note from the implicit media. Illegal immigrants, with previous felonies, and links to Mexican drug gangs, perpetrate violent crimes against Americans, all to the silence of the Fuhrer. Naked men parade down main street San Francisco, in front of little children, kissing, and initiating sexual acts. National television covers Bruce Jenner, dressed up like a woman, accepting a humanitarian award for courage? Radical Islam grows right under our nose in Michigan. Progressives parade as patriots, holding our highest political offices, destroying our nation through daily legislation. Race hustlers, and illegal immigrants (MTV) have their own television shows. Liars throw stones from high places (professors, media pundits, pop stars, race baiters, radicals, and social idiots) at genuine American heroes and patriotic citizens (wounded warriors, conservatives, heterosexuals, Christians, and people, not pc corralled, of good will).

I have to admit that I am so wearied by the constant bombardment of socialist/secularist/progressive propaganda, that I am bewildered and exhausted. I, for one, am truly afraid for my daughters future. History reminds me that it loves to repeat itself. And all that I can recall for America, in analogy, is the fall of the Roman Empire or the takeover of Germany by the Nazi’s.

It seems that the only safe place, a place for sanity, for security, is under the Cross of Jesus.

God bless!



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