The much needed American ‘Exodus’ from Pharaoh worship


I am sickened every day by the blind admiration given to the smuggest of all Pharaoh’s, Barack Obama. To a certain extent, moreover, this worship is also given to a lesser evil Pharaoh, Donald Trump. And certainly, the fem-Pharaoh herself, Hillary Clinton, is already having pyramids erected in her glorious honor.

Meanwhile, the King of kings, is ostracized in the new cult of American worship.

Deeply enmeshed in the ‘Egypt’ of scientism, skepticism, postmodernism, and goofy techno-ism,  former Judeo-Christian Americans have given their ‘obedience of faith’ over to power, personality, and political persuasiveness.

Subsequently, the Pharaoh has been divinized.

Hungry for meaning, trying to fill the void of socially excommunicated Christianity, America, en-masse, thirsts for a god to worship. Salvation, you see, is still a supernatural desire within their withered souls. Original sin, and frequent personal sins, still sting, even though they are now labeled as, either, ‘alternate lifestyles’ or natural evolutionary consequences. Sin, furthermore, is abolished. Evil is now categorized in a number of psychiatric diagnosis which can be treated by the medical sciences.

No need for priests, no need for prophets, no need for the Church, and, certainly, no need for a Christ of faith and hope.

But the herd still hungers for meaning, while still sensing, however weakly, a need for a Savior.

So, to fill the void of the Crucified Nazarene,  enter the Pharaoh. For the progressive, the radical, the Black Panther, the militant homosexual, the atheist materialist, the hardened secularist, the socialist, and the uninformed, guilt laden white person–guilty of a slavery they did not perpetrate–Barack Obama is their Pharaoh, divinized by the media, the pop culture, and the  radical left.

But the people to the right of the political center, fiscally conservative, but dead spiritually, seek, with equal hunger and thirst, for a Savior. In comes Donald Trump. Spitting and screaming promises of American fiscal salvation, while curing all national ills ‘in a single bound,’ the Donald resurrects American hopes from the dead, becoming the Lord of the Right.

Yet, in accordance with the relatively still living democratic process, a new Pharaoh must be ‘elected’ in 2016. And even though there are a few good men, and one good woman, running for office, it is an almost foregone conclusion that the herd will fill their hell-bent hunger in the election of the next ‘great’ Pharaoh. The first fem-Pharaoh! For fem-Pharaoh is the flavor of the day. Just as Black-Pharaoh was the flavor of the previous eight years.

No longer is the President, oops, whip me with a PC cord, the Pharaoh, elected by outstanding qualifications to include personal integrity, rather, he, and/or she, is inaugurated, coronated, and idolized through race, gender, ideology, or cult of personality.

What is needed, in response, is a Mass Exodus from this disaster.

Rebellion, radicalism, and terror must be the new words of an American Judeo-Christian subculture which is not afraid of being countercultural for the salvation of the overall culture. We must rebel with our vote and our dollars spent. We must be radically Catholic, radically Christian, radically real in faith, hope, and charity. And we must spread terror in Truth, goodness, and the beauty of the traditional family, traditional marriage, pure religion, unconditional forgiveness and charity, in a new evangelization that parts the Red Sea of institutionalized agnosticism, popular indifference, and cafeteria Christianity.

And it must happen now! or never.

God bless!




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