‘Jesus, the cause of dissension’


34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn

“‘a man against his father,
    a daughter against her mother,
a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
36     a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’[a]

In this Scripture passage (Matthew 10:34-36) which, from the lips of Jesus, fulfill prophecy (Micah 7:6), we find the antidote for political correctness, rampant progressivism, and the chains which bind us in personal sins that drag us down from sanctifying grace, and destroy our family–chains from ‘principalities and powers,’ manifest in a popular society gone awry.

Society says, ‘go with the flow.’ Christ, however, calls us to swim like a Salmon. True Catholicism, dare I say true Christianity, therefore, must be absolutely counter-cultural. When mama said ‘don’t speak about religion and politics,’ mama wasn’t speaking from a truly Catholic-Christian perspective. For now is the time to open our mouths. Now is the time to upset the new status quo. Now is the time to overturn the Temple Tables of the sensibilities of secularized, agnosticized (yes, I made that one up), America.

This never means becoming violent. Jesus tossed tables, not peoples. Yes, He drove them out with a ‘cord,’ but He is Jesus, and we are sinners. This never means being offensive in vulgarity, screaming, put-downs, and empty political talking points. It means apologizing (in the Catholic Theological sense) for the truth of our faith even when we are called ‘religious nuts,’ or ‘bigots,’ or any other sort of pop put down. It means evangelizing the Truth of Jesus Christ, Divine Mercy Incarnate, even when we are (HHS) mandated, stripped of tax exemptions, picketed, smeared by the mainstream media, attacked on social media, made to be fools by the pop culture…and, yes, if we are stripped of religious freedom, persecuted, arrested, and crucified in one form or another. It means remaining ecumenical with our Christian brothers and sisters of other ‘denominations,’ even when we have enduring (petty) theological and ecclesial squabbles.

It means remaining charitable when we feel nothing but anger and resentment.

When mom pontificates on the correctness of ‘gay’ marriage, we must respectfully, but powerfully, rebuke her. When dad ‘understands’ the need for abortion, compassionate to ‘women’s reproductive rights,’ we must respectfully, but sincerely, correct him. When sister and brother, in-laws, cousins, spouse and children fall for the lies of cafeteria Catholicism, progressivism, militant atheism, radical Islam, or any other secular, worldly, lie, we must compassionately slap them upside the head (figuratively) with the Truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In order for our families to Reconcile in the Mercy of God, we must first be signs of dissension in the unrelenting, unchanging, all-encompassing, ever new Truth of the Most Holy Trinity–the Father of Creation, the Son of Redemption, and the Holy Spirit of true human happiness in the integrity and sanity of faith, hope, and Love.

So, get out there and lovingly dissent. Help with the Mission of the Messiah of blessed dissension!

God bless!

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