How socially implemented atheism creates a society of fake people

Albrecht_Dürer,_Adam_and_Eve,_1504,_EngravingWe live in a society which has inherited Adam and Eve’s consequential rationalism.

As Adam and Eve, in consequence of their sin, denied the reality of their naked Truth, through the rationalization of their superficial coverage from the fig leaf, so has the Western, Post-Christian, world. And just as Adam and Eve decided to listen to a dirt dwelling snake, instead of the Wisdom of the Almighty God, so has the Western world chosen to appropriate atheistic, or at least agnostic, philosophies and political ideologies, instead of the good news of the gospel.

Consequently, the naked beauty of the Truth of the human person, made in the Image and Likeness of God, has been covered by the rationalized fig leaf of the shallow, external, manipulative, isolated, hedonistic, materialistic, fake person.

Subsequently, the fake person of our current society does not live by the measure of truth, choosing, rather, what appears as truth, what polls reflect as truth, what social media displays as truth, what the mainstream media provides as truth, and what the popular culture apes as truth.

Opinion rules over fact.

Similarly, this is what has happened in our Judeo-Christian faith. No longer, quite often, do we hear truth from our catechists, our preachers, our homilies, or our understanding of the Bible. Now, we inherit (from Bultmann),a ‘historical’ skepticism, which places God’s Divine Revelation (the Bible), and the Church’s Magisterium (Apostolic admonition) under the scrutiny of a worldview which sees things only through a tainted lens (an even darker reflection than that of St. Paul’s) by scientism, skepticism, and postmodern condescension–which views ancient and perennial wisdom as limited to its own era, and necessarily subject to progressive, evolutionary change.

But, to quote St. John Paul II, ‘The word of God refers constantly to things which transcend human experience (FR 83).’

Christianity, and Catholicism in Christianity’s fullest expression, is open, through grace and faith, to the transcendent. And through the Cross of Jesus Christ, Judeo-Christianity frees the human person to transcend their own self-imposed, self-restraint through the transcendence of love (agape). For only through self-transcendence, either personally or nationally, can the human person live deeper than external compliance with what is popular. And only through the self-sacrificial Love of Jesus Christ can a nation order itself rightly, beyond what is politically expedient, or what is only superficially philanthropic, but, is really only utilitarian in nature.

In response to St. John Paul II’s encyclical ‘Fides et Ratio’ (Faith and Reason), a famous non-believing German journalist, named Jan Ross, had to admit that the destruction of theology and metaphysics by social elites, and popular propaganda, produced human thought that was: ‘not only more free, but also more narrow.’ This author also added that society had experienced ‘a dumbing down through unbelief.’ Mr. Ross continued, ‘As reason has turned away from the ultimate questions, it has become indifferent and tiresome, it has become incompetent to address the life questions of good and evil, of death and immortality.’

Mr. Ross also admitted that Catholicism (the highest form of Judeo-Christian expression), through the Saint-Pope ‘inspired many persons and entire peoples, and [it] has sounded harsh and trenchant to the ear of many and even aroused hatred, but if it falls silent, this would be a moment of dreadful silence.’

Reflecting upon this, Pope Benedict XVI stated ‘ In fact, if we no longer speak of God and man, about sin and grace, about death and eternal life, then all that remains is sound and fury, a useless attempt to cover up the silencing of what is authentically human.’

This is exactly the spot we stand on in America today. The ‘sound and fury’ of a fake society, encountered by the living witness of authentic humanity in the gospel of the God-man Jesus Christ.

On this very spot we must choose, either, to conform to societies ‘sound and fury’ or witness, through suffering and love, to the Cross which brings the joy of Truth Everlasting.

God bless!

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