The day Pope Benedict XVI unmasked Barack Obama

b16 and dopey bama

One has to believe that the Holy Spirit was speaking through Pope Benedict XVI when he wrote these words:

‘A further point follows from the truth of our essential being: there will never be an absolutely ideal state of things within our human history, and the definitive order of freedom will never be established. Man is always underway and always finite.’

The Pope pointed out that this, quite often, brings forth despair when people ponder over past, and present, injustices. This, in turn, fosters skepticism, which often makes people ask the question: ‘what if there is no right order at all?

He continues:

‘Our response must now be that, in fact, the absolutely ideal order of things that is right in all respects will never exist. Whoever claims that it will is not telling the truth. Faith in progress is not false in every respect. What is false, however, is the myth of the liberated world of the future, in which everything will be different and good. We can erect only relative orders, which can never be and embody right except in their relative way. But we must strive precisely for this best possible approximation to what is truly right. Nothing else, no inner-historical eschatology, liberates; rather, it deceives and therefore enslaves.’

And this is where his message resonates in the halls of the White House, where the utopian progressive resides, where ‘Supreme Courts’ overturn the plan of God in marriage, where special interest groups pander for the continuation of the genocide of the unborn, where religious freedom is choking to death from an insidious hangman’s noose.

The Pope continues:

‘For this reason, the mythic luster attached to concepts like change and revolution (think of orchestrated racial, gender, sexual and economic division) must be demythologized. Change is not good in itself. Whether it is good or bad depends upon its concrete contents and points of reference. The opinion that the essential task in the struggle for freedom is to change (think of Obamacare, gay marriage, HHS mandate) the world is–I repeat–a myth. History will always have its vicissitudes. When it comes to man’s ethical nature in the strict sense, things proceed not in a straight line but in cycles. It is our task always to struggle in the present for the comparatively best constitution of man’s shared existence and in doing so to preserve the good we have already achieved, overcoming existing ills, and resist the incipient forces of destruction.’

Clearly this is a vision of progress and conservatism. Clearly this is a balance of sanity in Truth. Clearly this puts all hope in God, avoiding the temptation to utopianism, which works for the best today, while preserving what is already good from yesterday, in a culture of cooperation, compassion, and charity, which does not divide by race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status, but seeks answers in the commonality of our good will.

Clearly this is antithetical to the vision of Barack Obama.

Happy 4th and God bless!

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