In a ‘Godless Society,’ freedom and reason are our enemies

thumb-350-60023America has imported, rapidly, and radically, the European concept of functional-utilitarian rationality which ‘excludes God from the public conscience.’

Consequently, morality is based on ‘calculation,’ basing itself solely on the relationship between personal action and public consequence.  This morality based on social consequences eliminates the need for the concepts of ‘good and bad.’ In order for this ‘calculated morality’ to exist, America, like Europe, has to unplug itself from its historical source of light in the Judeo-Christian religion.

This unplugging has been accomplished, slowly, arduously, yet, with rapid recent results, through the popularly spread sentiment that Judeo-Christianity offends the moral sensibilities of non-Christian religions, forcing its ‘moral orientation’ on people of differing faiths. Pope Benedict XVI pointed out this sentiments fallacy by stating that Muslims are not offended by Christian morality; rather, they are offended by the religious ‘cynicism’ of a ‘secularized culture.’ Likewise, the Pope pointed out the same for practicing Jews. And as far as other world religions, the Pope states that Christian morality is not the offender, but the secularized world’s attempt ‘to build the human community absolutely without God.’

When all is said and done, America, like Europe, is open to all ethnicities, all races, both genders, all sexual orientations, and all religions, if, and this is a big if, they can coexist in the absolute rule of the secularized moral criteria. This means that all religions can ‘practice’ their faith as long as their first faith is in the secular state–the final arbiter of truth.

In our rapidly secularized United States, freedom is a ‘fundamental value’ which claims neutrality towards religion. Freedom of speech, however, is relativized in the freedom horizon because nothing can be spoken which casts doubt on the absolutism of the radically-secular state and its overarching power. Radically Secular America claims to eliminate discrimination, championing ‘human rights’ for all. This illuminates the limits of secular freedom when some are pinched by the co-reality of responsibility, sacrifice, and charity, necessitating the secular American creation of the ‘culture of death.’ The mirage of freedom has been secured through the death of millions of unborn Americans, not to forget those euthanized, and all possible life blocked from freedom by contraception.  This obvious ‘ill-defined’ freedom is a limited freedom, dogmatic in its hostility toward the One True freedom in the Judeo-Christian faith.

The heresy, and apostasy of it all is that radically-secular America claims to be the universal solution to all problems through scientism and secularization. It bastards a new gospel to the world. Yet, how can it claim to answer all of the human person’s problems when it is hostile toward vital realities of our life such as religion, conscience, faith, and the unquestioned right to Life? After all, secularized America has no metaphysics, is based solely on rational-positivism, and claims the democratic process, through the calculated-utilitarian means as ‘the way’ to a peaceful world morality.’

In reality,  secular America hates the human person ‘made in the image of God.’ Though championing the new human person in science and secular freedom, it sees the human person solely as a biological accident, determined by nature, evolved not of its own free will. Man is equal to beast; consequently, Mother Nature can take precedence over man. Man, therefore, can become a byproduct of smarter men (and women), resulting in the ‘improvement’ of the human race through cloning, eugenics, and population manipulation.

The first seed of all this radically-secularized disaster is relativism. It is the new dogma created in the image and likeness of man so as to eradicate the old dogma of religion, which binds us to God. Yet, in the end, what is truly relativized is all attempts to find Truth which transcends the secular Leviathan.  The super tolerant, the super inclusive, the lovers of all humanity, and all of nature, become hate filled monsters when the transcendent Revelation of God’s Love, in Jesus Christ, is evangelized freely, and lovingly.

For, truth be told, secularized America is the child of the Enlightenment.  And the Enlightenment is a child of Christianity. And Christianity, which as always embraced the best of human philosophy (see Plato and Aristotle), is the Mother of all scientific reason in the western world. Christianity, moreover, is born of persecuted people, Universal in scope, always fighting for religious freedom. Tolerance has never reached the zenith of Christianity as all men and women are acknowledged as ‘creatures and images’ of the One True God.

Gay marriage, and the American radical-secularization explosion, which threatens religion liberty this day, has been caused by no other reason than cafeteria Christianity.  Watered down, lukewarm Christianity has given false witness to God’s presence in America.  Only in men and women on fire for their faith, ready to engage our society, through faith and reason, will we find a resurgence of the Judeo-Christian ethic in America.

And then God will be found again.

God bless!


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