Hillary Clinton…the quintessential anti-woman


Within the current ‘cult of personality,’ and from the progressive viewpoint that ‘we owe this minority group a Presidential election,’ Hillary Clinton is the new Wonder-woman.  Within this pervading social perspective, she can do no wrong as she runs for President, virtually unopposed, with bullet proof protection from the main-stream-media and from popular culture.

But from a Traditional Catholic perspective she is the classic anti-woman.

With Mary, the Mother of God, and saints such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), as outstanding models of the Catholic woman, I dare to say, with sufficient evidence to back me up, that Hillary Clinton is the anti-woman.

Let’s start with the obvious.

Hillary Clinton is the enemy of both motherhood and family. First, Hillary is a staunch advocate for ‘women’s reproductive rights.’ In other words she is a staunch opponent of a woman’s motherly rights. Consequently, she supports baby killing in the form of abortion.

Hillary, moreover, as flip-flop politician, has now landed firmly on the side of gay ‘marriage.’  Catholic women, from a Traditional Christian perspective, are either celibate or are spouses of men, respecting God’s decree that marriage is solely between a man and a woman. Hillary, in an anti-fiat, has snubbed her nose at God the Father and pronounced herself, in a long line of progressive apostates, as the civil ruler of unholy matrimony. She, therefore, has taken the side of the serpent, against Eve, and has performed a complete 180 degree turn from Mary’s obedient ‘yes.’

Hillary is the arch-enemy of mothers being mothers, and fathers being fathers. In her infamous book: ‘It takes a village, and other lessons children teach us’ Hillary exhibits both elitist progressive tendencies, and socialist governmental control. Hillary has proven that she is not an advocate for the maternal autonomy of the American woman unless, of course, that woman is an unwed mother and, therefore, a pawn of progressive entitlements.

Within her push for abortion, masked as ‘women’s reproductive rights,’ and gay ‘marriage,’ masked as civil rights, and from her elitist, socialist tendencies, Hillary has shown that she is also the enemy, in particular, of the African-American woman. Unlike St Katharine Drexel and St Josephine Bahkita, Hillary destroys the lives of African American women, and enslaves them in single parent existence, dependent on government entitlements (welfare).

Biblically, as a prototype of the coming Virgin who would bear a Son, Israel has been portrayed (in the prophet Hosea) as the woman, the beloved of God. The Catholic Church, moreover, in the Traditional interpretation of Christian faith, has fulfilled this holy role, fulfilled in Christ the Groom, in being the baptismal Mother of Jesus’ disciples, and the Holy Spirit inspired Bride of Christ.

Hillary is the enemy of both!

As a progressive, Hillary is antagonistic to the state of Israel, and as a domestic liberal she is antagonistic to Holy Mother Church. Supporting the Iran nuclear deal is a death threat to God’s beloved woman, Israel. Supporting gay ‘marriage,’ and the HHS debacle, is a threat of future persecution to the Bride of Christ in America.

Summarily, a Catholic vote for Hillary is to commit the sin of idolatry. It is to vote like the majority of American pagans, solely for the deity of the ‘radical’ feminist; it is to vote for a false idol. Also, a Catholic vote for Hillary is apostasy, as the fundamental role of the woman, as mother and bride, would be trampled in the popular-progressive ‘culture of death’ recasting of ‘the woman.’

Don’t be fooled by Hillary’s attempts to sound ‘Christian’ this coming election. Remember, Satan is a biblical scholar. And Eve fell for his rhetoric. Stand up for true womanhood this coming election and vote for the lesser evil.

God bless!

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