The world needs less societal compliance, and more Catholic holiness


My local parish has a sign that reads ‘No Eucharistic adoration or evening confessions on 4th of July weekend.’ At first glance this seems reasonable. After all, most people will be with their families, and this would also, reasonably, mean the priests as well.

And then I thought…didn’t America just legalize gay ‘marriage’ this week?

I think that America needs to ease off the firecrackers for a while and run back to Church! Catholic-Americans, true, patriotic Americans, have forgotten what makes America special. Hence, in becoming American-Catholics, they have fallen in lock-step in the cafeteria line of mediocrity, which doles out the values of neutered politically correct speech, tolerance of everything except their own faith, consumerism, and a rationalized agnosticism which is masked by a weekly limp into Church on Sunday.

America is (was?) exceptional because it is (was?) the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are (were?) free and brave because we are (were?) a faith filled nation which holds a place of honor for charity, duty, justice, and compassion. America, moreover, is (was?) a country which holds to Truth.

Is, or was. That is the ultimate answer we must struggle with in responding to the question of our current state of affairs.

When Jesus Christ, the source of our freedom and bravery, in Truth, Justice, duty, charity, and compassion, is put on hold for a 4th of July hot-dog, we have lost our spiritual bearing. Our Independence IS dependent on God. If we don’t believe that we have ceased to be Catholic.

Hence, the hamburger, and the ball game can wait! The Eucharist, the Christ among us, should be the first One we should thank on the great celebration of our freedom. If we don’t, the United States will continue to crumble into a great divide.

God bless!

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