The forbidden fruit and the fall from American Eden


Subtle serpents have been seducing the ‘Eve’ of our younger generation with pseudo-Christian insinuation, dressed in clerical, political, and popular attire, questioning God’s primordial imperative as Creator, Lord,  and Savior with the perennial question: ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden?’

Subsequently, the collective American ‘Adam’ has fallen.

Like the serpent, legions of liberal clergy, progressive politicians and judges, and promiscuous pop stars, buttressed by the ideology and ‘facts’ of elitist ivory tower professors and atheist-materialist scientists–those who dabble in philosophy and theology; terribly, I might add–have led the once faithful American to eat of the forbidden fruit.

And now America stands naked for the world to see, guilty of an unoriginal sin, barred from a vision of moral superiority through the transgression of playing God.

Life is dispensed from the Creator. It is a gift of Love. Our Catholic faith teaches us that Life must not be measured by productivity or outward beauty. But the American man, and woman, has decided that certain lives are more valuable than others. Hence, abortion and euthanasia. Hence, embryonic stem cell big business. Hence, contraception and the dabbling into the forbidden zone of cloning. American’s have committed the unoriginal sin of trying to be the Creator.

Marriage is a primordial sacrament manifest in ancient literature.  Sacred Scripture lays the foundation of Revelation upon the marriage of a man and a woman in Adam and Eve. Christianity is found upon the reality of the Savior Jesus Christ, and His Bride the Church. Nature bears witness to heterosexual truth in the amazing phenomenon of reproduction. History bears witness to centuries of natural law guiding men and women to marry and raise a family.  American’s have usurped natural law, re-written history, and demythologized the Garden of Eden, subsequently, re-forming marriage in the image and likeness of their selfish desires, and their base animal tendencies.

We were once naked Americans, certainly not perfect, with a struggle which is the same as any nation, with a history of slavery and social strife. But we were a nation which always relied on God and, eventually, got it right. We righted our wrongs by the grace of God in Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. We righted our wrongs with worldwide charity in a grace based Judeo-Christian ethic. We were brave in defending freedom, charitable in welcoming people of good will as new citizens, and free in justice and responsibility.

Now, under the guise of freedom, we are worldwide proliferators of ‘the culture of death’ and the apostasy of gay ‘marriage.’ We have lost the Republic, ‘on which it stands, one nation under God,’ and have replaced it with a Euro-secularist democracy, which is merely mob rule. We are divided by racial and economic lines. Our traditions, our ethics, and our morality, have been trampled upon. Our Churches have a bulls-eye on their back. Our youth have either been undereducated, indoctrinated, or paralyzed by electronic gadgets. Immigration is no longer authorized for the betterment of our nation, bringing in people of good will, but is now a political tool to keep the ‘powers that be’ in power. ‘God’ has become a word shunned in the places of business or politics. Jesus Christ has truly become ‘a sign of contradiction.’

We now stand outside Eden, naked, with the fig leaf of political correctness to cover our fallen nature. We can never return to Eden. But we can walk toward the Savior and His Cross. We can rise from this fall. But it will only come with a Passion.

God bless!


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