Judicial Nazism in the land of the gay and the enslaved


Yesterday, with the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, America officially became Socialist in nature. Today, America went gay. No! Individual states weren’t afforded the right to decide by themselves. Rather, legislative Nazism forced the unnatural on ‘we the people.’

It is now history. A sad history. The history of America losing its way in the enslavement to political correctness, relativism, and the confusion between true freedom and licentiousness.

With the attack on the Confederate flag–in certain cases, this flag is inappropriate for some state buildings–and the eventual attack on the red, white, and blue, I can pronounce today (since my fleeting freedom is still barely intact), that the LGBT flag is never going to be my flag.

Why such animosity?

Because the LGBT flag does not stand for inclusiveness, and civil rights, but the progressive takeover of America. And in this progressive takeover, my Catholic faith, which while practiced genuinely, does not understand homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, but a ‘grave disorder,’ views marriage solely in a man and a woman. Subsequently, as I mentioned yesterday, Catholicism, genuine Catholicism, will become a hate crime.

The day the Catholic Church performs gay marriages is the day I cease to be Catholic. Today I ceased to be American. America is dead. The states are divided. I am now a Revolutionist. And I await my fellow Revolutionists in a vision of a renewed America, where socialism and progressivism are annihilated in freedom and Truth.

Truth number One is that America is ruled by elitists who are not interested in the freedom of ‘we the people.’ Elitists like Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, do not care about American exceptionalism, American Tradition, or American sensibilities. And they certainly don’t give a rats hoot about the Judeo-Christian ethic. Truth number One is that the 2016 election is our last chance for sanity, and the salvation of the soul of America.

Truth number Two is that homosexuality is not a normal lifestyle. With the ‘equality’ of homosexuality in America, the demographic winter of Europe will hit our land. Families will further disintegrate. Genuine Christianity, particularly the Eternal-unchanging-Truth of Catholicism, will be placed in the social ghetto, possibly becoming a hate crime in denying gay ‘marriages.’ Parents will no longer be able to instill their faith on their children as public schools will indoctrinate children on the ‘truth’ of gay ‘marriage.’

And Pandora’s box is opened! Soon, polygamy, and all sorts of unions will fight for recognition.

Truth number Three is that this travesty of natural law is because of the failures of Catholicism, and Christianity in general, in America. We have imported the failure of Europe in becoming a wimpy, secularist mess. Catholics, and non-Catholic Christians, have eaten far too much from the cafeteria line of relativism and political correctness and have fattened themselves up in the lard of apathy and lukewarmness.

But Nazism?

Yes, Nazism. America has lost its freedom when we are governed by a growing minority which finds its fertilizer in lies and propaganda. With the force of popular opinion, and the influence of a sold out media, and pop culture, we are growing, like weeds, a generation of misinformed misanthropes. Gay ‘marriage’ is a hatred for the Biblical faith. It is a hatred for procreation. How can it not be?  It is, moreover, social suicide, in the fact that it puts pleasure and lust over survival of the species.

And now it is American.

The LGBT flag will never be my flag. This America, the Divided States, is not my America. And Barack and Hillary will never be my President. I am a Revolutionist. Are you?

God bless!

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