Why hell is paved with bad intentions

pope_obama_7a1435363f4921ab1523d158128b28bfSome would say ‘hell is full of good meanings, but heaven is full of good works.’ Others would say ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ I would have to disagree with both and add ‘Hell is paved with bad intentions.’

Many people like Pope Francis, as expressed through his newest encyclical entitled ‘Laudato Si,’ mean well, and do many good works, but make the mistake of acquiescing to the pavers of hell, in supporting pseudo-science such as global warming, ultimately serving forces which politically, and legislatively, seek to eradicate freedom–to include religious freedom.

While Pope Francis is most probably heaven bound, in his personal holiness and faithfulness to the Universal Truth of Catholicism, he has participated, even in the smallest way, in paving part of the road to perdition.

American Catholicism in general, and millions of cafeteria Catholics in particular, have lent their sweat, attention, money, and time to this very same demonic construction. Catholic votes, over an eight year period (for Pro-Choice, Pro-Behemoth Government, Pro gay marriage candidates), have resulted in a country which aborts, euthanizes, and persecutes faith in increasingly alarming rates. Though Pew Polls report that there are increasing numbers of Americans who are against abortion, the genocide continues. And, without a Pew Poll, it is rather obvious that being a Practicing Catholic has gotten harder every day.

Paving the way to hell, in ‘pride’ and arrogance, the Obama Administration, or should I say regime, will have a time for celebration this week. First, the Supreme Court, once a legitimate Court for the people, will ratify Obamacare. Socialism, a real evil–as declared by Pope Leo XIII–is now the law of the land. Entitlements, no longer the product of American Judeo-Christian charity, are now the whip in the hands of the ‘powers that be’ that lash the back of ‘we the people.’ Freedom, a Catholic understating based on the dignity of the human person, every human person, born and unborn, is being paved over by Marxism, Liberation Theology, radical feminism, radical homosexuality, and virulent anti-Christian atheistic-materialism, masked as tolerant, inclusive secularism.

Meanwhile, within the swirl of romance for African-Americans and females, Americans march to the voting booth ready to right past wrongs. By voting for Barack and Hillary, many Americans, including Catholics, feel that they are doing justice to past injustices. But, in reality, they are voting with emotion, and without reason. If they were to ask themselves ‘are these the best candidates to run our nation?,’ would they be able to answer ‘yes?’ We have reached a breaking point in our nation. We no longer decide our own fate according to faith and reason. Now, our destiny is paved by the popular sway of opinion.

In a few days, the Supreme Court will support the Constitutional Right to gay marriage. Mull over those words for a few minutes. Our Founding Fathers would be aghast. Consequently, regardless of what television and radio talking-heads preach, or what your local progressive pastor preaches, Traditional Catholicism will become a hate crime. How can it not be? True Catholicism teaches that homosexuality is a ‘grave disorder’ and that marriage is solely between a man and a woman. If we aren’t arrested, and persecuted, we will, at least, be relegated to the social ghetto with no hope of public participation.

And the road to that ghetto will be paved by the same people who pave the way to hell. May this ghetto inspire within us a renewal of Catholic Truth.

God bless!

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