Marriage, family, and the ever persistent tension within the Church


These are very important times in our nation, the United States of America, and, in a greater sense, within the Presence of God in the world, within the Body of Christ, particularly within the Catholic Church. The western world, in fact, has loosened itself from the anchor of Judeo-Christian religion in favor of finding meaning, and in charting a course for the future, in faith and hope placed in human reason and good will (minus the God of revelation and all associated religion).

Western society is in turmoil. The solid ground of religion, natural law, and tradition have been replaced with the unsettled soil of relativism, secularism, and a slew of radical ideologies, all vying for power, set up in the vacuum of a former Judeo-Christian reality. Marriage, family, Church, and Christian morality are now fair game for manipulators, persecutors, and destroyers of the good.

Within the Catholic Church, the Light of the world, the Presence of God in the world, and the Body of Christ, a sad similarity is found in struggles over marriage, family, Church, and morality. As a body needs two lungs to perform maximally, the Church needs a left and a right faith perspective. But as the lungs must remain within the chest cavity to thrive, so does the left and right need to remain within the ‘orthodoxy’ of God’s Truth.

The world is depending on us.

Very soon the Pope will be releasing his encyclical on the environment. The left, many not within the Body of Christ, will pick like vultures for snippets which will support everything from socialism to the culture of death. In reaction, many on the right, some not within the Body of Christ, will react for their own personal and political reasons. Likewise, the Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church are in deep discussion about marriage and family. Much left and right discussion remains within the borders of our Catholic Tradition. But never be fooled, as the pesky fly comes into the house uninvited, so also do the lies of Satan creep within the walls of hierarchical influence.

If this isn’t true, why then have the German Bishops threatened to ignore Church Teaching concerning divorce and the Eucharist? If this isn’t true, why then were so many Catholics in attendance, and in support, at a recent conference with the President of the United States, a man fully in support of abortion and gay marriage, and fully active in implementing the HHS mandate?

As Catholics, and as non-Catholic Christians concerned with the future of our nation, and faith, we must begin to discern the difference between the healthy tension of left and right thinking within faithful Christian life, and the words of false prophets set on destroying the Body forever.

Though ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail’ against the Church, that is no reason for us to be lazy in discernment, and response. We need to realize that we are in Good Hands with Jesus…but also that we are the hands of Jesus. Hands which handle truth and salvation.

God bless!

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