Painful considerations on the zeal for Justice


‘Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice; for they shall have their fill.’

How ironic is it that the God of Justice suffered immeasurable injustice to set us aright in the Love of the Merciful God? How odd is it that we, quite often, forget that hungering and thirsting for Justice in an unjust world has to, by Christian necessity, lead to our participation in the Cross of Jesus Christ? How sad is it that the example of the Christian martyr–still alive today, especially in the Middle East, and in third world situations–is a forgotten entity in our first world society?

Suffering and hungering for justice, first and foremost, must not be an abstract thought process, exercised only while sipping coffee and reading an ideologically provocative book, or only in a conversation amongst non-committal dreamers and empty rhetoricians, which is without the spark of the Spirit in actual social activity toward the real poor and persecuted, or against real life injustices. Christian idealism without Christian courage is no more than Christian daydreaming. Christianity that  is willing to bow to Political Correctness and social acceptance is no more than the postmodern version of Judas and the Pharisees.

We might as well Crucify Jesus all over again.

Not wishing to get political, but having to delve into the realities surrounding us, there must be a few words spoken about the current Catholic-Christian tragedy of cowardly witness in the face of real-existential injustice. We are witnessing an historical genocide in the (yes, I am going there!) abortion tragedy. We are also witnessing the sorrowful hijacking of Majestic Truth in the aberrant distortion of the Sacrament of Marriage. We are also experiencing another catastrophic persecution of Christians worldwide. And, worst of all, we are witnessing the silencing, and neutering, of American Judeo-Christian Tradition as a force for social integrity in America.

Where is the zeal to be found for justice in America today? Do we hear it from our pastor’s pulpit? Do we witness it from the resolve of the Christian American voter? Do we see it from the Christian presence in the mainstream media? Do we experience it in Christian leaders in the political realm?

Sadly, the answer is all too often ‘no.’ So what are we to do? We must do as Jesus did and preach Justice through Love of neighbor, even the ones we are stuck with right now. Remember, Jesus dined with tax collectors, sinners, and prostitutes, and came to heal the sick. Justice, therefore, starts with our own conversion and, only then, starts with the people in our daily path.

Justice is won in daily acts of the just, in the ordinary circumstances of life. Then, and only then, can we be heroic champions in the bigger public arena.

God bless!

Published by: Thomas Yanoti MTS

I am a graduate of Ave Maria University--the Institute for Pastoral Theology (IPT), with a Master of Theological Studies degree (MTS). I love Theology. I love the Church. I love the Sacraments, particularly the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and the Most Blessed Sacrament--the Eucharist. I love them most because they bring me closer to the Mercy of Jesus. I also love His Truth...found in His Church's Teaching and in Sacred Scripture. I hope to share this Treasure Chest of Wisdom, and learn from the people of God I encounter in this blog. For in each of us is the Holy Spirit of God, and each of us brings Jesus to each other in our shared faith, hope, and charity.

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